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Happy Thanksgiving !

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thankful for you and your support! The smell of cold winter air is slowly beginning to seep into our old autumn days. Warming up for Thanksgiving, all our families are cooking delicious dishes to fill up our stomachs. However, we’re not here to talk about mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. We’re here to spark some ideas for a somewhat elegant outfit in…

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2 years of Vogue Treats

Happy 2 Year Anniversary!! Throughout our VogueTreats journey, we’ve learned to be more eccentric, take risks with our fashion choices and gain confidence. Standing on a fully confettied carpet, with colorful jackets and sequin shirts, we remember this day, two years ago, taking pictures in our simple matching outfits of embroidered white jeans and denim style shirts. Never would we have imagined that a little…

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No White After Labour Day

With one day left until Labor Day, we did our shopping in style and chose to say goodbye to white for the next couple of months. Whether you do or don’t care about this fashion rule, you should still scroll down for more pictures and a detailed description of the outfit! The white wrap dress represented the core piece of the outfit. Details such as…

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By the Lake

There’s nothing like a hot summer day spent with your family. This past week we visited our grandparents birth place in the beautiful countryside of Romania.…

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The One with the Polka Dots

Historical, architectural, and stunning, what better descriptive words could portray our next outfit location in Sibiu? The Lutheran Evangelical Cathedral and Tower are one of the most famous Gothic-style churches in Sibiu. With its beautiful tower, which you can spot in the background, the cathedral represents an exquisite site for all visitors to Sibiu. Now that we have the place all settled, we can move…

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White Chocolate and Raspberry Mousse

The freshness of summer inspired us to make an equally fresh dessert. Colorful, yet classy, this white chocolate mousse with a hint of raspberries will lighten the mood and impress anyone on your guest list. Without further ado, scroll down to find the recipe for this airily delicious dessert.…

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